Saturday, July 09, 2016

Back in Lobbyland


I consider myself a lobbyist in the conventional sense of advocating for specific (special) interests, or "evangelizing" as some say.

My target audience:  politically aware individuals, some with more voting power than others, meaning some are legislators representing entire congressional districts, or whatever.

I'm not actually driving to Salem everyday and buttonholing representatives.

I've had Salem jobs, including right across from the state legislature, as a paid consultant, but that was then and this is now.

Mostly I just use social media to communicate my not-secret agenda.

PD = Professional Development.  PERS = employees on the public system payroll.

These days I'm hoping if Measure 97 passes (was IP28 -- a petition that makes it to the ballot becomes a measure) those paying more will have correspondingly greater input in how the funds get allocated.  Continuing with teaching to the usual tests may not be such a priority in the next chapter.

The needs of Silicon Forest companies for qualified role players in the future, is part of what's behind this agenda, akin to what Chambers of Commerce have concerned themselves with (curricula geared to the needs of industry and commerce).

And what if Measure 97 doesn't pass?  I've hinted about a Plan B in my twitter feed.  We'll still have the same needs for professional development and innovation.