Monday, August 10, 2015

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (movie review)

After watching Bernie Sanders, preceded by some great keynotes, on my Samsung tablet with mom, I decided to check out the new Mission Impossible film at Regal Cinemas Lloyd Center 10.  I took Maxi Taxi (the Nissan) for the 9:45 PM show.

Around here, Rogue Nation is a brewery, nor is "Syndicate" necessarily a bad word, but of course I was rooting for the Goodies throughout, made to seem like underdogs so we'd root for 'em even more.

Like so many boomers, I was brought up on Mission Impossible on TV, with Peter Graves et al.  I liked the cleverness and gadgetry, instead of just gun play, which latter always seemed kinda dumb.

As with the 007 franchise, and the Bourne movies, these agents have what amounts to either superpowers and/or super good luck.  The puzzles they need to solve are as unbelievable as those in Uru.  They're in a video game with levels.

Their plans are incredibly far fetched, yet seem to work out.

People go to the circus for the same reason, and in those you don't get to shoot retakes or employ cine-magic in quite the same way.

Indeed, Tom's trick for escaping a certain Houdini-like binding reminded me a lot of something I saw at Cirque du Soliel.

Naturally we saw lots of control rooms, standard fare in such movies, along with ticking time bombs.

Where would this world of secret agents be without Hollywood?

Theater has created this backdrop and appropriately we spend a fair amount of time in a theater, an opera no less, watching these phantoms of our own imaginations.

Catching a film in August is a good time to preview the Fall / Winter lineup.  The last Hunger Games is coming in November.  The next 007 film is in the can, ready to share.

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