Monday, January 13, 2014

More Espying

I think in Olde English you still had that E in Espying.  In any case, thanks to my generous science-minded friend Patrick, I have an infrared web cam in my attic, motion activated.

I was hoping to brag to bored listeners about the opossum, i.e. possum, in my attic, but I'm thinking that myth has been veritably exploded by now.  Lowly rats are to blame for all that noise we've been hearing.  Not poltergeists either.

/locationhistory is boring on Google these days as I'm a home body for the most part, managing my medical conditions and getting my work done.  This is about as other end of the spectrum from James Bond as it gets (continuing the spy theme) though I suppose a Le Carr√© character / Friend could be this puttery, a good cover for something-or-other, and suitably English-seeming (constant gardeners, those Brits).

I'm committed to not killing the rats.  They're being entertainment, talent on TV, and so deserve payment if anything.  On the other hand, they lower my property value so I'm intending to trap and release.  I hope to get to it shortly.

actually these are squirrels -- the rats went away