Friday, July 12, 2013

eChurch Sermon

Copied from Facebook (hyperlinks added)

Social engineering in Portland: "Parks and Wreck" padlocked their Powell Park pavilion after padlocking the pavilion restrooms, because people were starting to use the park as a restroom. That's what happens when the only restrooms in a neighborhood belong to private residences and/or commercial businesses.

But that's the New America isn't it: mean spirited against anyone without a "business reason" for being outside their own little gated community.

Students at the large high school nearby, locked out of the pavilion, were herded away from the park and into nearby Burgerville, Wendy's and McDonald's, where their "obesity training" (fattening) could proceed apace.

Supersize 'em, then raise their health premiums.

"Parks and Wreck" is complicit, no longer seeing itself as promoting "healthy living". The plan for Colonel Summers: "a surge" (sound familiar?), a pathetic war on Americans without sufficient "net worth" to the corporate non-persons to deserve public facilities.

Portland is not that different because USAers are not that different: lots of pretense to being "generous" but now just trying to dominate the planet with people in uniform, a "surge" to rid the planet of "riff raff" (like in Panama, where Apache helicopters took out shanty towns for target practice).

"The spiritual wickedness of Americans" is the new sermon of choice I'd say, if you're into fire and brimstone. Bishop Tutu, tell it like it is. I think it's more Alzheimer's i.e. as the population ages (on average), it becomes more and more senile. The culture itself is dying: hardening of the mental arteries.