Friday, June 07, 2013

Esoteric Languages

Before I forget this happened, no photos were taken (by me -- there was video happening), let me recall the meeting of the esoteric computer language society, with a name that I'll look up in a sec.

I ran into Dr. Dave DiNucci at Pepinos and he was preparing, getting things ready.

Dekum Building, downtown.

Great talk.

Bart from CompSci / PSU was the opener, with a talk on M4.  He brilliantly made it look hard and easy at the same time.

Then Dave hit us with his Flash and interesting shop talk he invented, with diagrams, to help people manage parallel processes.  He's worked on this a long time in professional settings.

The roles and resources feed into atomic actions which figure into plans and strategies -- all technically defined in a tight system.

He has a new book out on it.

We've discussed it at Wanderers.