Tuesday, May 01, 2012


Wittgenstein actually wrote about Beltane some.  Not everyone knows that.

He investigated disturbing aspects of the Highlander ritual, finding echoes of pointless cruelty.

An "echo" need not be interpreted as meaning "from distant times" ala Frazer.  These associations have an immediacy in everyday grammar.

See Brian R. Clack's Wittgenstein, Frazer and Religion (Palgrave, 1999), 135-54, Chapter 8: Frazerian Reflections:  Wittgenstein on Beltane and Human Sacrifice.

Uncle Bill Lightfoot came by for lunch at Bagdad.  I gave him the Bayard Rustin DVD, Brother Outsider.

Good to see UE starting up again (picture below).

I've had an engagement with Multnomah Friends to present about AFSC as a part of the Quakers 101 workshop that's ongoing.

I spoke about Bayard Rustin and Smedley Butler as two pivotal Friends.  The study of their lives will connect many dots, if you're looking to construct your own reality.

Then a fire later.  It's Beltane, after all.  HB2U Trevor, good to share those cigars.