Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Wanderers Gone Wild

:: Wanderers at Large ::

I'm way behind on my blogging of Wanderers events. Bunce is writing the Lorentz contraction formula on the white board, having brought this 5D model (his namespace), milled on a 3D printer in urethane (or something, Steve is amazed by its density, stone-like, closer to marble). Yes, these things exist. Could be used as a vase. Answers Buzz's question (by the coat rack): what's a universe where all black holes go to the same place? Sculpture was about $500 for a one-off. No patents need apply.

Steve did his QM For Kids as a two parter and I only made it to the 2nd part. Lots of notation, with simple 2D vector models, easy to get kids up to speed. Except we need to not use this word "kid" to scare off the needy adults. As soon as they came up with NCLB, I knew we needed NALB. Bunce wishes Tver could have been here, as this has been a math topic between them.

The "cosmic zero" in this model has no physical location, though it's modeled by the center of this thing. John took his drawings to a wood place first, but they were thinking two parts glued together. Sherpa Design came through with this 3D printed neolith. Now we're talking Lie Groups,... "six trumpets". Sounds apocalyptic... or like a fun cartoon.

The other not-here-today Steve's punch line is he gets to these well-known experiments that confirm QM models, ala Bell's Theorem, over some of these other statistical models. Mentions of "Bell's Theorem" ring a bell for me, a resonance in the blogosphere.

We're discussing Bill's prognosis. He's back with us today. Steve Mastin is conducting the interview.