Saturday, January 01, 2011

2011: Day One

by dk

Ken Brown kicked it off by sharing from his mobile that 2011 is both prime and the sum of 11 consecutive primes. He doesn't give this as a reason for Mayan Y2K, which some predict for 12/21 for reasons I've forgotten.

Apocalypse Pretty Soon was interesting reading. Woolsey shows up as maybe talking about UFOs at one point. You could see how word would get out if that happened, grays talking about grays.

Ed Cherlin was praising Quakers for being closers in gray power suits, in a thread on mathfuture. I look more like Jack Abramoff when I wear my "power hat" (the one by Paul Kaufman).

Did some cleaning, checked in with family, did some equipment inspection (Kelly Kettles are pretty cool), telecommuted to work some. I was privileged to learn from one of the Python teachers about this Calculus video.

Dr. Z is continuing to represent the academic consensus. The Global U seems to be churning a lot, as "the Bucky stuff" continues to go viral on some LCDs. We call that an "upgrade" but others prefer to teach their usual business without competition. I should check that MIT webcam again.

Trevor reports that the Kabul Dome is now in Alaska. That sounds symbolic.

More on Islamic banking, micro-lending and Quakers on mathfuture, ala RSoWR and all that.

Anthony Manusos, Kathy's predecessor at Friends Bulletin (now Western Friend) was known to observe Ramadan on occasion and to write knowledgeably about Quaker-Islam relations.