Sunday, September 05, 2010


:: terri's birthday party @ taborspace ::

As Lyn Gordon explained at the rise of meeting today, our custom of first Sundays is to celebrate the birthdays of anyone born in that month, this month being September. Lyn himself was a September baby. People stood up in turn and let us know whose birthdays they were celebrating.

I thought of some, but didn't add to the festivities. My late wife Dawn Wicca was born on September 20th. Marian's birthday, September 11th, is the same as our wedding anniversary.

We don't consider it overly morose or maudlin to celebrate the dead with the living. Meeting itself was much about death, sorrow and tragedy, or the "ocean of darkness". Our faith is not about always looking away from the depths of despair.

Those with the strength and ability to be with and assist those in misery, without adding to it, are encouraged to do so. Ron spoke eloquently of compassion as the fountainhead of creation.

In a few minutes, I'm off to set up chairs for another birthday party, Terri Grayum's 60th.

I was happy to chat with Marian Rhys, Harriet Holling, Sonya Penny, Eddy Crouch, and Aimee Ford Conner today in the social hall, where leftover birthday cake was served. Aimee is also remembering some tragedies in her life, thinking ahead to October.

Betsey Kenworthy reminded me about the laptop, which I will leave in the office inroute to my next encounter.

Terri Grayum's 60th was a delight. I was amazed by the Danceability duo, their polished and engaging performance, despite the carpet. Their next stop: the nation of Columbia. I had some quality time with Carol, Tara and young Aubrey on the church steps. Our neighbor over the back fence was there with her son. I met some new-to-me people, and experienced an amazing space (TaborSpace) right in our neighborhood. Good job Presbyterians.