Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Lurking and Posting

I'm lurking on an Elluminate session featuring Calculation Nation (CN), inserting my two cents in the comments box.

Maria Droujkova has brought us together through her Natural Math and Math Future groups.

CN is funded by Verizon, has the official endorsement of the NCTM.

On the Wanderers list and Facebook, I'm featuring this useful article:

We Are All BP Now

Militarizing the Gulf Oil Crisis


I've also linked to that from Synergeo, where I've been on my usual soap box about wanting to add to the network of topics covered in geometry work / study programs.

Others on Synergeo are more into posting about the World Cup, which is somewhat apropos given football features a hexapent.

Koski feels Synergeo has been infiltrated by anti-buckaneers. Certainly we're kind of a mosh pit, with the "dancers" slamming into each other. I don't sense we've attracted any professional provocateurs yet though. Too obscure.

No one sees "spatial geometry" as a threat to their agenda right?

I liked Dick's summer camp metaphor: we're a bit rude and crude, with the counselors saying stuff like "no name calling!", but we don't always pay much heed. We need to express ourselves, and not everyone is a trained diplomat.

I suggested we have more "edgy math", thinking we need to counter this squeaky-clean sanitized corporate look and feel. Mathematics is not the private property of the commercial sector, we should remember. I think Maria might be recording this for her web site... yes, she says she is.

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