Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thinking About Bud

The Bud I mean is Dawn's step dad, father to Gail. I had the great privilege of meeting the dear man on a couple of occasions. He worked for Eastern Airlines, in operations, for many years.

His gentle manner really helped restore Dawn and Sam to happier lives in Satellite Beach, Florida, after some blisteringly bleak years in Warren, Ohio and such places.

Bud married their mom and was looking forward to a cheery retirement, when she died suddenly, of complications from a standard PTCA or other angiogram (I met Dawn afterwards).

My heartfelt respect for this hero of many adventures I have not told of here. His memorial service is tomorrow.

Sam phoned me from Florida as I was getting off my delayed United flight from Denver, left me voicemail. I immediately texted Alexia, Dawn's first of two daughters, as I road public transport back to my home.

Mom and I talked by phone tonight. She is with Julie my sister.