Friday, January 29, 2010

Power Lunch

I am grateful for my friendships. I learn a lot from them.

Thanks to Ron, I'm now downloading Ubuntu 9.10 upgrade files on Sun's VirtualBox, newly installed as a guest operating system under Win7. The laptop is to my left, connected by ethernet on my home office subnet. I'm staring at Old Faded, my refurbished monitor (less frills than even at Free Geek around here some days (Ron and I used to work there together)).

This has been finals week for my daughter. She's off with her friends celebrating that it's over, in the neighborhood.

I thought Lionel's latest contributions with the Wikipedia page were substantive. Koski thinks we've done a professional job. Everything CJ Fearnley added is still in the mix, along with my earlier edits. I'm not thinking so much in terms of a "fork" as a "merge" at this point.

I'm scanning the horizons for breakthroughs, thought this virtual convergence of math teachers looked promising. Real work happens through cyberspace, even if we don't get to move in to our virtual classrooms. We still need to feed, shelter and clothe ourselves. Education Automation (an old title, not unlike Skinner's Walden 2 in some respects) requires logistics on the ground.

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