Monday, September 07, 2009

Up (movie review)

Up at 5:15
Up is about the puer-senex combo, to use Jungian parlance. The pair embarks on a classic quest, in a spirit of adventure shared by an off camera mother figure.

The villain is just trying to prove his authenticity (at the expense of harming an endangered species -- so unacceptable) and has surrounded himself with talking dogs in that effort (it's a cartoon, and Disney knows how to animate dogs).

I saw this as a double feature with Groundhog Day (later, back at my place) so that may color my thinking (deja vu is a theme).

The "little mail man" (pun) looks like Humpty Dumpty and brightens the picture right from the start, turning a potentially bitter old man story into an heroic epic instead. Uplifting.