Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Killing Field

I feel sorry for Panetta who, like Tenet two before him, had to publicly embrace the uber-cowards running the attack drones in Pakistan, one of those "Nazi holdover" jobs that lost us hearts and minds around the world in Vietnam as well.

Not coincidentally, we've had Nixon on lately, on tape, spewing his racist neo-Nazi views about Jews ("suicidal", "death wish") and abortion (if the parents are "different races" they should have one).

How a nutcase like this ever got to be president (a snow job by Kissinger? Haig?) we'll always want to know. Should we blame Quakers? Don't we have any quality control in our little group?

Actually I don't blame Kissinger. Dick just seemed so much like other Americans, which is why he got elected, a sad comment on our demographics, but there ya go. Who said we were perfect?

They're asking the same questions about the CIA today (how it became Nazi), which is why I empathize with these clerks er directors. So many pathologies, so little time. Better screening in future is always the mantra.

Open source
has been beneficial, in adding more transparency. We've also had some better books, blogs, movies... other resources. Mass killing by remote control just isn't what spooks are about (they're more what you get when you do that stuff i.e. that haunting feeling that you'll be passed over for promotion, at least in this lifetime).

May the uber-cowards rot in hell for all eternity (God might forgive them but I never will -- but then I'm a throwaway mortal so who cares).

On another topic, we enjoyed a fine family reunion today, thanks to Bill Lightfoot. I'm glad the Talmadges are taking bold action in Bellingham. I hope to get there one day soon, enroute to the meeting in BC.