Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend Haps

:: from pdf flipbook by ron resch ::

LH, a phys ed chief, back from NIH gig in DC, met up with some top regional talent re shunting CRRs back to HQS for GIS services etc. Mapping diabetes two correlated with fast food establishment density will prove revealing I bet, in service of medical science. Thx for update re Tacoma, Women's Rights museum, buying lunch for chauffeur.

Left her Fast Food Nation for review.

RR sent half gig easter egg PDF flipbook, while my one free sample got turned into some glorious Python by GL, our Viennese turtle keeper. Ron is an effing genius I'm thinking. Glenn and I hope to support PPS with first dibs and sneak peeks on a lotta stuff, ISEPP willing (he's an ISEPP senior fellow, also CSN CSO).

CHR did a 3-day training in inter-cultural competence, can never have too much of that I agree. Sent her CCs of my Sociality writings for analysis (or not).

Fine Grind kicked off a new art show, continuing proud traditions. Our CFO picked the right team. Andrew's gear statues (which Tara adores) front and center, Andrew himself off to Spain for a spell (looking forward to travelogue).

Eating ice cream today, celebrating making it to 51 (lots of up hill). Been shooting around my 14 mile loop on Tinkerbell some, aiming for 52. Looking forward.