Saturday, April 04, 2009

Positive Developments

Quinn and Nick
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Johnny Stallings, the pro actor who does Shakespeare in state prisons (and at Catlin Gabel), just radioed his pleasure that the USA president plans to take a stand against nuke weapons on Sunday.

My mom will like that too.

I've been using the "launching party" metaphor, timing some post-Pycon "gnu geometry" advertising to coincide with what North Korea is up to, building upon earlier spoofs. I've enjoyed working this thread, which can get pretty twisted.

Tara won a speech and debate round, pretty good for a noob. She's a quarter-finalist.

My thanks to Dave Fabik for the "I'm Blogging This" T-shirt, very apropos, wore it to the gym this evening (and here I am, blogging about it).

Speaking of the gym, I watched Fox on the little screen on my elliptical thingy, found it hilarious. Some guy was ranting about fasces (rhymes with feces) and finding them on the back of the mercury dime. Hey dunderhead what about in the U.S. senate if you just wanna scare people? And hey, talk about kooky: he had John Bolton on for a guest.