Monday, January 05, 2009

Philanthropic Arcade Games

Vendor Games
Excerpt from a recent post to Quaker-P (Jan 3, 2009):

Buy stuff from the LCD menu, get tokens per vendor-sponsored games, and commit to various charities (could be competitive i.e. you keep some of the money yourself if you're a strong player, but if you lose you know it's to a good cause of your choosing e.g. Friends Peace Teams (depends on the shop, its selection of vendors, what your choices might be)).

Of course the cynics are saying we're just doing this to take the edge off casino gambling, removing the stigma. A percentage of winnings funneled through a "public switchboard" seems like even more direct control than we get over our taxes (like sales taxes), how they're spent by non-transparent legislatures (where are their billboard-sized displays?).

Here you get to commit some casino profits yourself through another colorful game i.e. here's one more reason to stick around and play the slots, feeling good about yourself and your legacy (more salmon!). But that's just one application. No one says your CP [Cafe Philanthropique] has to be anywhere near such a place, might be in Cape Town.