Thursday, September 25, 2008


A fun aspect of using VPN and such to access the work site, is your water cooler crowd might be a bunch of Quakers, like on Quaker-P.

Then it's "back to work" in some cube farm in a basement bunker some place, with people in tighter fitting clothing -- Qs tend to go for baggier looks these days.

But then I'm just imagining the clothing, as I'm not talking about Second Life or any fancy avatar interface in this context.

Mostly it's just chatter, like what you hear on the radio, all the action imagined.

But then I have a policy of working with clients I'm also able to meet on occasion, so when I imagine the facilities or water cooler in question, it's more than just guesswork.

My congratulations to the crew of Shenzhou 7 on attaining orbit.