Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Re: Nomenclature Threads on Synergeo

Usually my policy is to ignore 'em, as I regard Synergetics as a pretty complete phrase book, and don't require further definitions, especially those slanted for economic purposes. So I reserve the right to skip any "priority" discussions e.g. I care not who "invented the randome" as all of the really good ones are naturally occuring.

A huge problem with journalism these days is it fails to think in terms of geodesic spheres, instead of domes, ala the Cloud Nines or maybe space-based, ball-shaped Hyatt Regencies. So they miss all the good math, since a "chopped ball" lacks certain systemics, is anchored basically by dirt, in the sense that the flooring is part of its structural integrity (or lack thereof).

Many models of Fly's Eye go ahead and complete the full structure, and poke the legs through. There's some logic in doing it that way, in terms of added structural stability.

This lack within lexical journalism could be addressed at any moment by some relevant television, but people'd be creeped out being force fed synergetics on the evening news, however healthy such a diet might be on HDTV (and I'm not pushing for that outcome).

The PBS formats, for educational broadcasting, will help us reach all those journalist adult teletubbies, half of 'em flat on their backs in the dark, swilling pale fluids, and repeating to themselves slowly: "there... is... no... Matrix." Yeah, right.