Sunday, August 13, 2006

Project Earthala

Aimeé Ford Conner gave me the Earthala meme. Project Earthala is one of those high tech ecovillage communities we wonder if we'll ever live to see, even if only on reality TV.

I'd make mine a by-invitation sanctuary for weary travelers I've met along the way (Aimeé and Peter included). It's not like you have to live there permanently -- but some would want to.

We'd have TV-out, i.e. you could subscribe to our shows, already edited for content. Journalists might be invited to give alternative inside scoops, or sneak in or whatever.

Anyway, you know if there's a "mine" there'll be a lot of "not mines" -- so you needn't worry if my Project Earthala isn't on your itinerary. You'll have other stops in other villages, just as fun and good.