Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Back to Work

OK, so now that we're done having a good laugh at the remarks of Senator Ted Stevens, who likened the Internet to "tubes", "not a truck", we should admit that he's right. Tubes are a good metaphor, as are hydraulics more generally.

The money system, the freeway system... all good public works, and likewise compared with tubes in their day (the London underground system is quite literally tubular).

Bascially what Congress needs, and what the American people need, is the same thing: expediently expeditious updates through new (and old) adult education circuits.

The earlier idea, of competent lawmakers conceptually equipped to tackle the big issues of our day, has been replaced, by one of people in future shock, wondering how it got to be 2006 already (and wouldn't it be easier to go back to 19??, and refight some stupid war we all lost already? -- not!).

But we're ready and willing to learn. We've got flatscreen TV, microwave popcorn, couches. We're The Simpsons (or sims) ready to slurp it up and get a clue. Just your "how things work" basic briefings would be fine, and useful in the context of all the reality TV that's going on. Don't let Hollywood phonies control it (they'll just slap on some superficial veneer).

Lots of clever animations. Lots of metaphors. Tubes, trucks, whatever. Bring 'em on.