Sunday, June 18, 2006

Synergetics NC17

Synergetics does have a naked girl in it, although she goes by very briefly. That's a potential connect point for "gnuroticized mathematics" which might just mean beautiful people musing about polyhedra, beholding them or whatever -- use your imagination.

I bring this up partly because people enjoy groping around in Bucky's personal life, looking for evidence of scandal. According to Prohibition Era aesthetics, any woman having sex out of wed lock (why do you think they called it that?) is no doubt somehow benefitting financially, and so must be a prostitute by definition.

Plus people liked to be nosey (celebrities bought fame in a fish bowl), and often drew wrong conclusions based on the psychological need to project stuff (and anyway why should facts interfere with a rich fantasy life, hey?).

The free loving 60s were in rebellion against that: women should have all the freedoms men had, to avoid getting branded as whores or whatever, just because they had as much fun in bed. It seemed to work for awhile, but then attracted a lot of backlash from many corners. Karma isn't all about sex, anyway, Freudian dogmas notwithstanding.

Bucky lived through several changes in scenery in other words. Ethics around sex keep changing, plus as an early jet setter, he was coming up against alternative codes in other-worldly places. Spaceship Earth is somewhat kinky, I think you'd admit. A kind of love boat on steroids, some might call it.

The best strategy is to be a responsible adult, as wrong moves will likely come back to haunt you (or, if you're 007, get your girlfriend in trouble with bad guys). And on the other hand: your reputation is yours to risk. You, like Bucky, have that same twelve degrees of freedom.