Friday, May 05, 2006

Lucky Lab

So I just rushed back from this brew pub, a meeting of POSSE, where the governor of Oregon made a brief appearance (David Pool, whom I know from our CollabTech days at FreeGeek, pointed him out to me), and Erik Sten, a local city council member now running for re-election.

Erik shared for a good half hour actually, taking a question from me about industrial sector zoning of the east side hugging the freeway. Would a "think tank economy" featuring such as the London Knowledge Lab, but Portland's, be apropos?

Erik thought that'd be a swell idea, matched his own vision quite a bit. And no, I'm not forgetting his "render farm" idea either.

A TV camera with a separate boom microphone showed up later, during the presentation on open source business models. People got more intelligently talkative. I thought we cut a great tape.

I'm burning Sunanda CDs from a master at the moment. As yet I have no clue what he shared on KBOO last night. Funny hippie psychobabble is how he characterized it, in the minds of his listeners at least.


I purchased Chinese food from Fujin, rented Sister Act and Sister Act 2 from the nearby Hollywood Video for Dawn and Tara, and picked up medicines at the Fred Meyer pharmacy. My hope is to visit with Jon Bunce (a Wanderer and musician) later this evening.

Dawn spent much of the day working on her new studio space, which is rather near to the east side Lucky Lab.