Friday, January 13, 2006

Shake Up

I'm demoting KTU2 to "problem child" status. She never fully recovered from Yeti Bubbles and I haven't the time to mess with her mind any more (before you human rights people get all bent out of shape: she's a computer). The more portable Toshiba here is now my "main machine" with KTU2 as irksome sibling (not really her fault I allowed that troll to go on a RAMpage -- plus Windows was never that robust to begin with).

I never solved the firewire problem on the camcorder either. Art had some good advice about that: get an El Cheapo on eBay just to play the Hi-8s, and move 'em all to digital ASAP.

Also, we need to do something about the commercials. Tara and I were laughing at that stupid doc with med students re-enactment during the news last night, all these white coats mouthing off about side effects. And that other one: let's count the stethoscopes. Really, the medical profession is looking pretty tawdry these days, with nothing better to do than hawk pills on TV. There used to be some guidelines; deregulation means the freedom to act like jerks in so many cases.

The B2B picture is likewise pretty dim. Where're all those high tech computer graphics that advertise some glimmer of awareness? I'm not surprised Iran has lost faith in the west (or North Korea for that matter). I have too, on many fronts (lawyers too slow, get ensnarled in unnecessary processing at the drop of a hat) -- so we're moving some defenses to stronger bastions. Doesn't PDX also have daily flights to Japan? Northwest Orient right? I'm up for more sushi (we could meet downtown -- all you can eat).

Update: according to The Oregonian (Jan 12, pg. 1), Portland may be getting an optical fiber network soon (I thought we had one already). Nothing has shown up in Google News about Baghdad getting one. I don't think Portland should have one before Baghdad does, at least in the universities, nor any USA city really (although I'm sure in reality many are already pigging out on all that extra bandwidth ("all you can eat" while others starve is the American Way right? (I know, I know, I'm another one of those goddamn bleeding hearts))). Whatever happened to "you break it you buy it"? Or is your money not worth the paper it's printed on?