Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Wanderers 2017.10.17

Cat Box

I got Sellwood Middle School's guest Wifi unblocked from MIT Scratch web services.  That means I won't need to use Verizon for my Show & Tell station.

Now, hours later, I'm at Linus Pauling House. The house WiFi is down, perhaps by design, as I don't think external groups rent the building, whereas tenants supply their own?

Glenn is talking about collagen, macro-molecules, and new article in Nature:  Patchy particles made by colloidal fusion by Gong, Hueckel, Yi and Sacanna, pag 234, Volume 550.

He keeps up on multiple sciences, as sometimes only a layman can.

I say "layman" thinking back to the old E.J. Applewhite business card.  He thought this was a clever title.  I thought so too.

We're passing around the magazine.

Back on Verizon.

What's the Difference?