Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Loud Lady IPA

People are funny about security sometimes.

They claim to want "end to end encryption" to protect their privacy in coffee shops.  The technology is indeed ingenious.

But then they shout into their cell phones at the tops of their lungs on the bus, or have intimate conversations we all overhear, unless using ear buds.

Sometimes the "stage whispers" are almost deafening.  But then sometimes an audience isn't used to hearing them.

People clamor for privacy, then publish selfies in the shower.  How are we able to have it all ways?

Do we get to have the cake, eat it, sell it, and do other unmentionable things with it, all at the same time?  Wow, right?

Look for the HTTPS icon in your browser's address spot, if security is a real concern.

A lot of web content is like rock formations in the desert.  Do you really need encryption to look at that gila monster?  Don't freak out if TLS is not engaged.  You're not always in ATM mode, right?

pellegrino + turkish coffee @ marino's on division