Saturday, August 13, 2016

Basement Revolutionary


John Taylor, the retired regional planner from Indonesia, working on his autobiography, took Carol and I out to Maru last night, our favorite local Japanese restaurant.   

Maru was quite busy on a Friday night, however we were seated quickly and enjoyed stellar service and menu items.  I had Tokyo Ramen with IPA.  We shared Korean cold sesame noodles and some tofu delights.

Earlier in our story, when John was thinking twice about whether his HP Notebook computer was good enough for such authoring, Patrick and I had suggested buying an "inexpensive" or even "junk" computer just for the duration.

Loading it up with Office Libre and leaving the beast behind when heading back to Jakarta.

The operating system is legally free, as are office-related applications.  I've added a Chromium browser to mine.  The device came from Amazon already loaded with Office Libre, two flavors of Python, and Wolfram Language.

However, John is on a tight schedule and catching up on Linux technology is made no easier by the absence of these technology magazines from many stores that used to carry them.  The campaign to dumb us all down, into "mindless consumers" is endless and quite effective.

Given the photo op studio I'd created anyway, that very morning, the Verboton Math Lab (VML), I could load up a copy of his autobio from a USB stick.  It all went smoothly.  I'd purchased two 16 gig USB sticks earlier, for under $8 each, at Fred Meyer's.

He enjoyed posing for my diorama as it were:  a Quaker revolutionary (in the sense of overcoming the idiocracy's collective degeniusing).

Per Lindsey's advice from Kathmandu, it's an average Portland basement, not impermeable to groundwater when it rains heavily.  Water pools.  Our last house, the rental around the corner, was so much worse, in terms of permeability.

There's nothing permanent about a Pi-station necessarily, plus I'm free to use the Air down there too.

We're enjoying a heatwave at the moment and the basement is cool.  I don't run airconditioning and rarely heat.  Our climate is like that.

Besides, I'm busy waving Pis around as less dumbing down that what Church of TI says you should use.  TIs don't come with Office Libre.

I've featured the XO (One Laptop per Child) as a "basement revolutionary" of sorts in earlier chapters, and that it was, in the sense of "covert game changer".

You may remember raising expectations that laptops would become way more affordable, and in the hands of more children, was a goal, and the XO set a higher bar in terms of quality (swivel screen), and a lower one in terms of price.

The market enjoyed a significant reshaping as a result of this newly achieved price point, mixed with an effective marketing campaign (G1G1).

The Pi is somewhat in the same lineage, but is just the guts of a computer, sans peripherals, not a laptop per se.  I understand it will run Windows, just have that on the SD card when it boots up.

Basement Revolutionary