Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Accelerator Project (continued)

Tank Meets Church in Pi-Ville

Readers of this blog may remember a certain Business Accelerator downtown near Tillakum Crossing.

Anyway, I rode my bicycle there on Monday. I had Tinkerbell for years, a blog character, then a rebuilt racer Lindsey tricked out (lost on the front line, doing FNB duty).  This new one has no name yet, is a gift from Flextegrity Sam.

We rode together, the bike and I, to the Monday Night Flying Circus venue.

Portland Python Users Group at Urban Airship is a monthly event, and has been concerned about standing room only occasions, judging from announcements I've seen.

Thursdays have been a teaching night for me, however Mondays have been a go.  My PPUG (and before that PORPIG) reviews occur throughout my blogs.

This time:  given the new bicycle, I didn't trust myself with the Air, so packed a tiny Pi with all peripherals but the screen.  Said Raspberry Pi is a lotta bang for the buck anyway.

I was showcasing its GPU on the HDTV using the Python 3.x version of the Pi3D library, running python3 and like that.  I was but one exhibitor among many, not giving a lightning talk or anything, though we're looking at adopting that format, at least for a time slice.

From Mt. Tabor