Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wanderers 2016.3.16


The listserv announced an Open Forum for today which is the default mode we go into, if we're not scheduled to receive a presentation.

I brought along David Prideaux's No Big Bang, a self published work, just acquired last night from the author, for show and tell purposes.  We had another retired Tri-Met guy here this morning.

Glenn Stockton gave a presentation on some of his more recent research.

He's found some "gears" in Plummer's Cosmic Mind book, on loan from me, that relate to his addressing scheme for the concentric hexapents.

I brought up Cantor's writings on addressing N-spaces, if discrete.

Very dense Turtle trails will give a 1D+ approximation of a 2D surface, much as a Labyrinth fills a circle with its sequential trail.

Given storage units in an XYZ pattern, where Z = floor and XY = row/column, one may also number them sequentially, perhaps in a hexadecimal sequence, or pick any contiguous segment of Unicode codepoints.

Euclidean geometry is all about labeling points e.g. A, B, C... one doesn't need (x,y,z) tuples especially since said points may be in motion (yet their identity remains intact).

A hexadecimal 1D addressing scheme mapping to XYZ cells (storage units, voxels) is typical in computer science.  Video RAM is sequential yet what we're watching is a movie.

Dredging up Cantor's writings on these topics is not mindlessly mouse-click easy right?

I came across his stuff at Powell's.  Such thinking was in the wind during his time, feeding into the "fractal frenzy" that was to follow (Julia, Mandelbrot et al), then Chaos Mathematics (still going strong).