Sunday, April 24, 2011

Earthy Day

:: earth day in pdx, 2011 ::

I got a call from 12th and Stark, where we mostly think of the abandoned school, which I'm thinking our Ministry could take over (might just leave it as is, like a war monument). I met up with the architect.

I wandered about running my camera, juxtaposing the dome and the tepee in that classic retro way. So Portlandia. Good use of tension, with those tetrahedrons pulling. FNB had a booth, I found out later.

Matt returned my call. Maybe next weekend, we'll have that beer.

I'd just been paying my respects to one James Jameson in a philosophy thread and who should happen to be there, along our later route, but the man himself. Even Lindsey hadn't known he was back in town, and they're FB friends (LW and I are not, though we were once and might someday be again).

Mostly I'm just some expat American, roaming among my people, somewhat on the quiet side. I don't play the guitar or sing much. Glad to enjoy a bright sunny day, even with the allergies kicking in, and then the fire after dark (though it never really gets dark in the city, thanks to "light pollution").

Today, it's Easter.