Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Technology Talk (TT)

Get a couple hundred geeks together, and esoterica happens. I was somewhat in and out on the scaling Django talk. This shop (Disqus) provides commenting services for huge numbers, millions of users. There's no down time. Maintenance mode means the comments are read-only, with new ones getting queued.

Advice to the weary: if you haven't taken the plunge and opted for MySQL or PostgreSQL, this group recommends the later, for doing a lot more. They use Slony-I for replication, failover. Lots of in-memory indexing keeps things fast (talking server side -- no mention of HTML5's SQL cache on the client, not a standard feature these days).

I'm snake wrangling and brokering ponies. Nancy needs two more and I've got a text message into Steve asking the whereabouts of those six we set aside earlier, after the photo op.

A delegate lent us his Pink Pony hat, size large, which fit over the PSF snake's head perfectly, though to eerie effect. After taking a few pictures of this unified beast, with a secret teaching (namely Django is Python), I set the display back to showing two creatures, getting along well (more how it appears to the casual observer, Django being an application of the Python language, not Python itself).

Good seeing Andy McKay again. We discussed urban farming in our respective environments and it's beneficial effects. Tending to gardening tends to relax the mind, which may lead to more rapid development, faster fixing of bugs. That book on Geek Cooking seemed a step in the right direction, I may have mentioned.