Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Parent Teacher Conferences

This would normally be a Wanderers post, especially given Keith Lofstrom is doing a formal presentation on ServerSky, much more polished since the last time we saw it. However, I was at parent teacher conferences at Cleveland this evening, came in to a packed house. Rather than disturb the assembled (except for a glass of wine), I planted myself in the pantry, or whatever we call this room between... Don just summoned me to the "great hall" again. Keith's pictures shore are purty. LW can fill me in later (she's an engineer, been here the whole time with a front row seat).

Regarding PT conferences, I found myself consumed with jealousy, as the State of Oregon has seen fit to make use of the talents of my comrades. My stuff, on the other hand, is "too avant-garde" even though it's like 30 years late, overdue. I paid into the system as a for-profit business, using my surplus to develop Oregon Curriculum Network (OCN), to brainstorm Coffee Shops Network (CSN), but both are too esoteric apparently, too hard to understand.

Geometry and philosophy just don't cut it with the masses anymore. We've all got better things to do. From each according to his ability, but not if he's a teacher (sneer), not a dymaxion didact, oh no.

That being said, I immediately got better insight's into my daughter's world. I was grateful for this and said so repeatedly. As a dad, I'm not trying to remain aloof in any way. If I seem passive and distant, I'm sure it's because I'm preoccupied about some grand strategy. Today it's Wikieducator and a possible geodesic dome class (Martian Math) at Reed College (Trevor?). Tomorrow... consulting my over the horizon radar.