Sunday, January 18, 2009


I drove to the place on NE 33rd where the Google Streets car turned by the Oregon Food Bank, a former client.

Google Maps helpfully demarcates Streets View coverage, when you drag the little person icon onto the map, so finding this turn was no problem.

Dignity Village, not currently included in the dodeca-cam archive, is experimentally prototypical of the small, remote (sometimes extremely) campus of tomorrow, featuring local self government, some permaculture, plenty of bandwidth (potentially), and easy enough access to transportation (PDX is adjacent, while the #10 stops right outside the main gate).

Today was bright and cold, with a strong east wind from up the Columbia Gorge.

The weather wasn't severe enough to keep us off the water however. Brenda of Washington DC, and Leslie of Multnomah's Friendly Care Committee joined us in this Wanderers head office for a pow wow. I dug out the Bucky play brochure and talked about Doug Tompos, the actor, coming on the boat last year.

Given Leslie is highly trained as a teacher, I was happy to get some pointers on my technique after explaining the gist of public key cryptography to her, a topic she thought might be of interest to Montessori students.

Welcome back Alexia, after a long drive from Tennessee, looking forward to seeing you once you get settled.