Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mutant Aliens (movie review)

A wronged astronaut, Earl, breeds and trains mutant aliens to avenge his suffering. Not everything goes according to plan, his daughter Josie, her boyfriend Darby, also getting in on the act.

A spoof of space invader films, other genres, a Bill Plympton cartoon, verging on horror, except funny (and obscene), not least because of the brilliant sound track.

There's a "body parts" planet, noses versus fingers mostly, although this turns out to be a clever cover story designed to win the trust of the evil Dr. Frubar.

Be sure to catch The Plympton Diaries on the same DVD, a week to week documentary about the making of this film, in some ways a tribute to the animals who've been wronged as a part of the space program.

Wanderer Don used to take swimming lessons with Bill and his older sister Sally, back when they were all kids.