Saturday, June 10, 2006

R & R

photo by me

I'm "camping out" at the beach, complete with hot tub, large kitchen, and wireless (hardly "roughing it").

The Oregon Coast is one of the best in the business (if being a coastline may be considered a business -- it's a big one if so).

Although technically "on vacation" from my Gnu Math projects, I couldn't resist expounding upon the importance of error handling this afternoon. Earlier, it was more about funding.

Our party: Gayle (friend), Kirby (self), Dawn (wife), Carol (mom), Tara (daughter), Brenna (Tara's friend).

Gayle is a geneology buff and, given wireless, was able to research dendritic off-shoots into the past, of our respective ancestral trees.

She traced Dawn's paternal line back four generations to Ireland, through census documents mostly. These records contradicted her dad's claim to some elite Aryan heritage, but then her dad "was a pathological liar" (or perhaps he was referring to a different dendrite).

Mom's paternal line was harder to trace, but Gayle did manage to pull up Thomas Dewey Reilley's (mom's dad's) draft registration from a database in Montana. He was born in 1898 and grew up to become a linotype operator.

Mom was born in 1929 in Chico, California. Her mom's side goes back to Goldens in New Jersey, buried in proximity to Urners it turns out (my dad's paternal line, which traces to Switzerland).

grampa Tom's draft registration, 1918