Thursday, June 11, 2015

Opt Out App

Patrick is excited to have access to some real electrical meter data from actual households, broken down by appliance (e.g. wine cooler) a level of detail he doesn't currently need.  His goal is to harness input patterns and feed them to a Numenta bot that may prove capable of anticipating what's next to some degree, better then current technology can.  Crystal balls are always in vogue, even if they see ahead only one or two minutes.

I just registered for OSCON again, so am looking forward to Patrick's talk.

Speaking of parents with families, an Opt Out app is about opting out of specific kinds of recruiting the Constitution doesn't say you need to accept.  Once opted out, you may also choose to report violations.  I've brought this app to the attention of the Portland Peace Program.

Civilian services, such as scouting in its various forms, which involves instruction, investing in infrastructure, winning merit badges, is likewise in need of more people willing to Opt In.  Scouting and coding have merged on many levels, as mathematics becomes more of an outdoor sport, thanks to geocaching etc.