Saturday, June 06, 2015

High School 2.1

I don't know how directly Nexus architects were influenced by Scott Gray, maybe not at all, directly, however the similarities are striking, between the Nexus and "user active" philosophies.

A percentage of the instruction these students receive could be from mentors such as myself, propagating Python skills over the wire, responding individually to students within my caseload.  Every mentor, from senior to rookie, is working a beat, which will be defined by track and language of instruction (English or...?).

If students need to take supervised tests i.e. we need to seriously authenticate they're who the say they are etc., the Node (say a Nexus) provides the venue.  If they're inspired and want to pursue their learning off site, e.g. from home, the same distance learning portals are there.

I'm upbeat about this new model for high schools and encourage more states besides Michigan to show off their imaginative next versions.