Monday, January 14, 2013

Counting Down...

In saying that nuke weapons are a tool of the few to enslave the many, I am not suggesting that many if any of "the few" are still alive.

The ecosystem of nuclear weapons, armed, targeted, set to go off, is the ticking time bomb bequeathed to us by psychotic ancestors, clinically just through the Depression and newly high off the exhilaration of physics breakthroughs.

Human subject experiments continued both in and out of the internment, detention, and concentration camps, as well as on Pacific islands.  Children inherit.  Radio-toxins last a long time.

Building public consciousness around radiation dangers is a slow process as it's best grounded in comprehension rather than blind fear.  I'm not sure where Common Core is going with those physics standards, but we're hearing there's a distressing lack of CERN type stuff, i.e. the dance of particles.

This would correspond to the low Polyhedron Quotient (PQ) in the prototype Standard Maths.

Neither standard (math or physics) takes many impressive steps in the direction of STEM integration.  Rather, we're seeing more of the usual.

Continuing to link the topic of radio-isotopes to both diet and medicine, the ecosystem, is vital.

Tracing the fallout from Fukushima is an everyday STEM exercise.  We tie the dinner table to the ecosystem to the particles involved, right down to the quarks.  We do this early. We do this often.  No "standards" will get in our way.