Thursday, April 12, 2012

Exit Through the Gift Shop (movie review)

I got back from Wanderers to find Lindsey and Melody exulting over this documentary, saying it was right up my ally.  I had just been exposed to Drunk History at the meeting and was still reeling from all the fun there, so went upstairs to the Ikea (my mattress -- way better than the pile I had before).

The very next morning though, I was abrim with schemes to view this thing and do work at the same time.  An exercise in multi-tasking.  I took it to Glenn's place (it's a library borrowing).  The story was so compelling I had to shut the laptop and just watch.  Glenn was highly amused also.

This is a movie about street art.  Two of the artists are already in my book collection:  Shepard Fairey and Ron English.  Banksey is here in my blogs as well.  So many dots connected, by Mr. Brainwash, the French guy videographer who then joins their ranks as "one of them".

The DVD has great extras but pointedly does not get into "the making of" the main feature, even though much of the feature was about how the film had been made -- up to a point, then we're left guessing.

I learned so much from this film.  My thanks to Melody for her excellent tastes and information.

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