Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wanderers 2012.2.14

Lynne Taylor is here talking about her paintings, water colors.

The Internet domain name stuff from a previous meeting is still on the board.  Linus Pauling House.

It's "two dog night" (Nirel has one in a bag, helping with her daughter's move), and Blueberry (a veteran attender).

Shomar is missed.  I was thinking about David earlier, thinking we should have dinner.

The first painting represents the new hadron collider at CERN and the particles they seek.

The second has lots of nanotubes and DNA and stuff.

We have two bottles of double dog dare (cheap wine on the table).

Lynne's paintings have frequently featured as covers of ISEPP programs, handed out at the concert hall (usually the Schnitzer downtown).

We have some visitors tonight, first timers.

Tomorrow I'm giving a talk on the Bucky stuff at Quakers, having dropped the ball earlier.

One of our guests had been on Ken Kesey's bus that day.  She was later a college English teacher, wrote poetry.

Her cousin, also present, was a career fireman with Portland's fire department.

Craigmore Creations has move out, taking the fancier table and chairs.  We're using the standard institutional folding tables with an assortment of chairs, some stackable.

We talked about Henk Pander and his show.

David called last night.  We talked about Nick Espinoza whom he knows, an inventor of "glitter bombing" -- a Blue House topic conversation sometimes.  Speaking of acting up activists, I hear Tre might be campaigning for Mayor.

I was writing about democracy again today, on the Wittgenstein list, mentioning DemocracyLab.

We spent most of the evening going around the table.  I brought one of the Pinot Noirs, and some cheese and crackers.  I drank some coffee.  Looked at pix of the newer stealth boats (still pretty secret).

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