Sunday, March 02, 2008

Recent Chemistry

from Synergeo
We've had some buzz on the Bucky lists thanks to UCLA's announcement of another icosahedral microarchitecture, similar to the viral sheath, reminiscent of buckminsterfullerene. However, rather than stir up the Bucky talk again (like there's already that play), these science writers have found safe passage through Epcot and its signature Spaceship Earth:
Yeates and his colleagues have identified the proteins that play the critical role in how the structure folds in the carboxysome, a protein shell that is the best-known and most-studied microcompartment. The shell has a structure like a soccer ball or the large, iconic dome structure at the Walt Disney World's Epcot Center. [source]
So then dharmraj aka John Mac Cosham, active on Synergeo, whipped out the above, using some Canadian software to output a virtual world file, downloaded and rendered in my FluxPlayer plugin in FireFox for this screen shot.

These are the kinds of college level skills we're hoping to foment in some of the college prep charters our various vendors supply, including 4D Solutions.