Friday, September 30, 2016

Late Night Show

I thought Stephen Colbert took some risks last night, jumping up and down, getting the energy going, then letting that slinky soap opera star, Judith Light, yak about est (Amazon too) rather openly, with Stephen saying he wanted to join a cult.

They agreed CBS is a cult already, plus est now lets you go to the bathroom (they did then too but no need to get technical [1]).  Anyway it's not called est anymore.

They both talked about getting naked for the theater, not always the hardest thing.

The joke around here is "What's more believable:  60 Minutes about est, or Frontline on 911?" Har har.  TV is just right for "true believer" personalities, right?  Talk about cult-like.

Beekeeper Morgan Freeman, the first guest, is a producer director for the new Madam Secretary show, which draws inspiration from three recent figures of empire: Albright, Rice and Clinton.

However it's a science fictional show (not a documentary) and won't lead Americans astray into understanding too much about actual foreign policy.  For that you'd need Covert Affairs, or maybe Buffy.

[1] your agreement was to sit in the back row if you were one of those "bathroom at will" people, otherwise wait for the breaks like a normal person OK?  Don't go "excuse me excuse me" climbing over knees, while someone is sharing their heart out.

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