Friday, July 22, 2016

I Don't Belong Anywhere (movie review)

About Chantel Ackerman

I'd not heard of Chantel until about a week ago, when I watched one of her documentaries.

Not all her films are documentaries.  She'll weave stories from thin air as well, with made-up characters played by actors.

The really long camera takes, which give one time to reflect and listen to one's own mental chatter, define another end of the spectrum from the fast-cut, more heavy-handed storytelling of most filmmaking.

The camera just watches and listens, while the viewer has to look and hear, more like in real life. However that doesn't mean the frames are haphazard.  She's extremely meticulous.

Her style reminds me of both Iron Ministry and Songs from the North.

I arrived late to Wanderers as a consequence of finishing this week's viewing homework.

The conversation was truly wandering, with lots of chatter about crypto-currencies.

However the main theme was again gemstones, thanks to Steve Mastin (who brought some), with Glenn Stockton chiming in.

Gem Stones

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