Sunday, May 31, 2015

Tomorrowland (movie review)

There's precedent in these blogs for me breaking a review into two or having another review come to me later, more analysis or whatever, and that's the approach I wanna take here.

Willamette Week, a witty paper, had me all prepared to not like this, for the right reasons, but I ended up admiring it a lot, for all the archetypes and love knots it takes on.

Remember I go by Chief Marketing Officer for some Coffee Shops Network that has Athena very much in its heraldry, and this film has an Athena.  The dad-daughter relationship there is encoded in Greek mythology as well:  she sprang from his head directly.  There's some Gnostic potential there.

So yeah, lots to think about and really well made.  Good work.  I will follow up at a later date with more thoughts.  Hey, I'm still thinking about Mad Max.  These movies are like time release pills.  They're not over when they're over, if you're like me.

Alexia, sorry if we'd planned to see this together, I was just pretty sure it was a dud going in and my evening was geared to Starlight Parade.  You and I would have others to choose from.  As it happens, not a dud in my case, and I missed the parade this year, hope to catch it next time.