Sunday, July 06, 2014

Exploring Cultural Heritage

:: all you need is cash ::

As a teacher of the Python computer language, I consider it my professional responsibility to fill in a lot of the gaps in my knowledge regarding Monty Python, for whom the language was named.  I found out watching the five hour bio of George Harrison, Life in the Material World, that he'd been instrumental in getting Life of Brian out there, after movie executives flinched at the South Parky content.

Speaking of South Park, that's another edgy cartoon I've been remiss in watching enough.  I watched the two part episode where Tom Cruise and other celebrities, tired of being made fun of, attempt to capture whatever mojo they can from a certain religious leader whose picture must not be shown in cartoon form.  For a brief shining moment, the scheme appears to work, and Tom is happily immune from spoofing.

Anyway, I hadn't seen the full mockumentary, All You Need is Cash, until last night.  I completed viewing it, with another Rutles fan, after taking the bus home from the Blues Festival and Don's boat (in the water again, after months of dry dock repairs).  George Harrison himself plays a role in this movie (can you find him?).