Sunday, January 26, 2014

Climate Change

When asked about "climate change" I often say I don't trust the English word "climate", which means something like "long term weather".  It's so restrictive.

People "Borgify" the world, such that it shines at night, with a cosmopolis from Boston to DC, to name one of the bigger ones, and as long as CO2 doesn't increase that's considered "no change in climate"?  Yet the world has been anthropogenically terraformed.  The biosphere is super-obviously different.

So I like "Biosphere" better than "Climate" for its meaning and contribution to conceptuality.

Does that make me Russian?  At least it marks me as a GST proponent.

To make something like "global average temperature" the one point of debate is to dumb it down a whole lot.  Lets talk about peak oil?

The Gibbs Phase Rule is the common core topic we should get back to in STEM education.  The 21st century is still shedding.  1900s muck ("dead skin") must be forgiven (or what else might we do with it?).