Tuesday, November 04, 2008

GST @ Math Forum

Over on Math Forum, G.S. Chandy and I are digging through old management theories and philosophies, looking for what passes for "mind maps" in today's K-12 edu-speak.

We're in agreement that time isn't the only important dimension, and that GST (general systems theory) has some kind of handle on that fact.

Beyond that, it's unclear if we have the makings of a collaboration here.

Philosophically, it sounds like we're both advocating a less sequential design, when it comes to curriculum, but with attention to coherence and relatedness nonetheless, i.e. not wasting students' time is an over-arching goal (doesn't mean student won't waste their own time, but that comes more under the heading of "live and learn" i.e. there's really no substitute for personal experience sometimes).

In a Synergetics-informed view, "mind maps" tend to "connect around in all circumferential directions" i.e. we don't sketch our networks on a flat expanse of desert, but on a desert planet (but with lots of CamelCase, either way).