Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Laptops, Intelligent use of

Intelligent use of laptops (setting): the lecture hall is large and the teacher far away, the chalkboards too. Given there's a camera or two, recording for posterity, it's easy to patch in to the camera feed and see what they're seeing (the producers in the control room), like sports on TV, everything close up and clear.

That's using a laptop, everyone with sufficient bandwidth to capture the feed, with headphones if desired.

Of course the temptation to multi-task presents itself. What did she say again?

Teachers like to day-dream that "undivided attention" is behind all those dreamy eyes out there. Laptops simply make it more public: no, other thoughts are happening too, get over it.

At least let 'em control their own thought process, how 'bout it?

So if you're a lecturer, you might see a lot of student eyes pointed not at you, but at a screen below eye level.

But they're watching you, through eyes on the ceiling or wherever they put the cameras.

Unsettling? Maybe. But at least it's easier on the eyes, plus your lecture is getting saved for future polishing/editing (spin doctoring), such that your "greatest hits" become a salable compilation someday.

So maybe you'll be free to retire from showbiz then, and try out other pastimes, thanks to all those royalties or whatever?